Why did we create Wazashirt ?

For you, we reinvented the way to customize your daily style. We wish people can customize loved basic clothes by adding an awesome and cool pocket design.

We manufacture 70% in-house.

Wazashirt aims to leverage the best local know-how. That’s why we try to make the maximum operations ourselves. We take care of the 70% parts of the production and are equiped for Sewing, Printing, Packing and Logistics.

Who are the founders ?

Wazashirt is not the idea of one person. This idea emerged in 1 night, surrounded by his brother, his parents, Thomas decided to take up the challenge of creating a brand that blends innovation, style and local production.
Thomas is a young entrepreneur specializing in e-commerce and textiles. Founder of Wazashirt, he is also the creator of a clothing brand accelerator that helps you develop your own brand “eighteen-venture.com”. He is also very involved in the world of French Startups and has launched the new challenge to create a new brand of basic clothing, which uses the same codes as American Apparel with a 100% Made in France clothing brand : Frenchcotton.co.